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Access will be facilitated by staff who are specifically trained and certified to provide PSH services.  Housing staff initiate, facilitate, advocate and coordinate:


  • Access to housing, housing-specific supports and services;

  • Linking with case managers, clinical services and community resources;

  • Access to support, coordination and facilitation during critical phases of transition; and

  • Monitoring, communication and linkage to stabilizing resources.


Staff's work is in partnership with the interdisciplinatry treatment team and support services provider.



Provides Permanent Supportive Housing Services to all Wayne County Consumers along with linking them with supports to live independently. (Eligibility Required)


Assistance with daily services, conflict resolution and crisis response.


System Wide Education and Training will be provided through HOUSING CONNECT.  Training will be provided on an on-going basis through Webinars, VCE on-line courses; face-to-face as needed, etc.


Education, Training and Technical Assistance to MCPNS, Case Managers, Peers, Hospitals, and other stakeholders county wide will be provided.


Housing Connect will work on Building Affordable and Accessible Housing Stock through securing effective Housing Partners. 

Mentoring and Coaching the Service Providers County wide.


Problem Solving and "Trouble Shooting" to remove barriers around accessing PSH for all consumers in Wayne County.


Close coordination and collaboration with different funding sources and its funding recipients.  Close coordination with Coordinated Assessment Model (CAM).


We are unable to provide emergency housing assistance, but will assess each case individually.  



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