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Benefits of Housing Connect



Fewer Hospitalizations


More Supportive Services


Better Mental Stability


Flexible, Voluntary Supports


Quality Housing


Integration into Community


Better quality of life living in your own home of your own choice.


PSH shall be a first choice option for individuals system-wide to be able to live successfully in their communities, in their own homes; with access to a wide range of services.


Individuals shall have access to community living options based upon their individual needs and desires which maximize opportunities for recovery, self determination and community integration.


Consumers with Serious Mental Illness, with or without a Substance Use Disorder who meet eligibility for Community Mental Health services, Medicaid recipients who live in restrictive settings in Wayne County and are at risk of going into restrictive settings can benefit. Consumers discharged from acute hospitals and state facilities are also included in the target population.


THE HOUSING CONNECT model provides centralized access to Permancent Supportive Housing (PSH) service industry.



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